VIC – Wobble Baby [Official Music Video] @TheofficialVic

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Pirethy Alaguthurai says:

they played this song at carnival dream cruise !!
loved this song and the cruise!

xFunnyBunny13x says:

I was on a cruiseship called Carnival (Freedom) and the clubs played this song…so technically carnival brought ME here too lmao.

poinpoin678 says:


dezieebay14 says:

SAME HEREE!!! i was at the carnival and this song came on and i was like…ayee…i like thiss!!

tariqwhitaker says:

Love it

claudiasrios says:

I like

claudiasrios says:

I like this

burnsomeganja says:

hey big girl…get the fuck away from me

eyeluvsoccer12 says:

carnival brought me here lol

MsRaynerain says:

just heard this song for the first time when i was houston and love it im from up north and never heard it

TheDOLMET says:

That song goes to all BIG WHITE GIRLS IN SEATTLE,

SadisticFangirl says:

That ‘big girl’ was pretty hot. O_O

mike walsh says:

niggers past and present…

sakora maxell says:

i love this song

chris mall says:

Luv this song

Lola Stevens says:

@Deborah tadesse

Lola Stevens says:

Baby wobble baby wobble baby wobble yah yah this is a song they play at six flags the lifeguards dance

EnjoyinInsanity says:

This song is far too catchy! o.O

SarahBear Collins says:

The cheerleaders did this dance at our Pep Rally!(:

lolypopsgal says:


mrsjazzyperez22 says:

Where That Sound From 2008 At?

Joanne Livengood says:

Makes me actually like the dance even

chasemanify says:

I spy one little white guy…. hahah not happening :(

super69sexytime says:

any chance you go to RIT?

DeadByColin says:

Inbox me if u live in mississippi im making a website

xVENOMisEDGEx says:

This is the official frat house song at my school. Kappa Sigma.

23REMIXER says:

Best song ever

Haley Gray says:

i love this song

Kaitlyn Mitchell says:

he is so sexy

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