Teach Me How To Wobble – NEW Wobble Line Dance – INSTRUCTIONS

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This is the version we do here in San Antonio. Dance created by ??? Song: Teach Me How To Wobble – Cupid To order my Instructional DVDs : freewebstore.org/stephslinedancing COME TO A LINE DANCE CLASS HERE IN SAN ANTONIO: every Sunday at The Eastside Boys and Girls Club 6-730pm every Wednesday at Midtown Cocktails 6-730pm every Thursday @ Daiquiry Lounge in Converse TX from 6-730pm every Friday @ Sam Houston High School 4-630 pm (mall area) DISCLAIMER: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED, I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC NOR DID I CREATE THIS DANCE THE MUSIC AND DANCES ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES.

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MrSugarplum2891 says:


StephsLineDancing says:

i don’t pay much attention to the negative comments… thanks for your response.

StephsLineDancing says:

lol thats wassup!! glad we could help!

Warren Garrett says:

thanks for the help!!!! my girl is gonna b impressed…after bein that 1 guy out on the dance floor not able to work it,im excited to go out now…thanks again

nazrandal says:

What’s with the comment about the whale? Hell the woman was moving her hips the way I wish I could. I’m trying like a muther though lol! Damn, I wanna be like her when I grow up. Keep dancing girl pay no mind to the fools in the crowd. I’m hoping you have many more lessons to come.

5mytoy says:

I love your teaching style, very good! Thanks much lol

StephsLineDancing says:

yep… u r right…. smh…. thank you for your comment

teeizhot says:

You know people will critisize someone for being overweight, but when they do physical activity people tease them, and try to make them feel bad…smh. Anyhoo, the woman who instructed this video did a great job. Hey, she taught me a new dance. Thank you maam. Ignore the haters. Usually I don’t feed trolls but I had to speak up. Besides, you can probably dance circles around the ones sitting behind their computers critisizing everyone else.

sexzy09ify says:

she’s good

kharizmablaque says:


Yolanda Richmond says:

Hi Steph I am coming to San Antonio for business for 13 weeks and have been looking for line dance classes. I see the schedule under you info box and definitely will be there. I am from NC and do notice variations in your styles but I can adapt. See ya soon!

StephsLineDancing says:

thank you!!

StephsLineDancing says:

thank you!!! <3

StephsLineDancing says:

thank you!

luvyaselfgirl35 says:

Its a shame some folks are so ignorant. Thanks for uploading these videos. They help a lot of people out and it looks like you guys have a lot of fun. Keep up the good work!

5mytoy says:

Great instructions, thanks much!

boparker8702 says:

Go Steph.. you’ve helped me through several line dances. Love ya girl!

hammbob says:


ZumbaWJ says:

LOVE IT!!!! GET IT YALL!!!!!!!!

77foryou1 says:

Chick with the boots gettin it..Great job!

77foryou1 says:

Great job..looks fun!

Hiener Lyons says:

Great Steph and fuck those assholes

StephsLineDancing says:

the same reason why an asshole made that comment…… because i can.

RedSkins21sox says:

Why is a whale giving a dance video?

shawnNhouston says:

Any relations to “the “wiggles” who were here in Houston thus last weekend???

Cicily Renee says:

alright ladies… gone n work it out….lol

cha3064 says:

I like the new wobble but that girl n the front was freestyling when she wasn’t suppose to. She turned it into NOT a line dance. Keep her off the front cuz new line dancers want to learn it first b4 adding other stuff to it. Geesh!

Mizzslick2137 says:

Love the new wobble thanks!!

StephsLineDancing says:

No problem!

DanceLover119 says:

Thanks helped a bunch

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