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Wobble Wobble Before you Gobble Gobble Line Dance Instructional Video.mov

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Love the Wobble by VIC? We do too baby! It’s ripping up the nation! In this video we teach you how to do every part of the Wobble line dance step by step! By the time we’re done you’ll be a wobbling expert! Learn more about us at http://ShizDizDJ.com

Learn the new Wobble Wobble Line Dance and kick off our 30-day “Move to Live, Move to Give” campaign to get fit and give back. It’s time to move our bodies a…

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The Wobble Line Dance a 4 -count line dance. You’ll look cool during the Wobble Line Dance. And the beat is banging. Join the Fun Learn the Wobble Line Dance.

The Wobble Line Dance Song will force you to move. You will ready LOVE this one… and Uh…. it’s sooo SIMPLE!

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Purple Charlotte Steppers doing the Wobble Line Dance.

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www.affluentdestiny.com Learn how to do the wobble line dance today. Wobble wit it. Learn how to do the wobble line dance today. http Soul Line Dance Video — Wobble (Official Video) – Step In The Name … Wobble Line Dance by VIC. Watch the official video do this Line Dance in this Video Now! You can find out the Artist & Title of the Song, Purchase the Music …Beyonce crashes New Jersey block party, joins line dance to ‘Wobble’ Sep 29, 2010 … Beyonce was spotted getting down with a local crowd having a block party in West Orange, NJ, where husband Jay-Z’s mom resides.the wobble line dance free Mp3 Download the wobble line dance mp3. Related searches: » zee tv dance india dance little masters s …. Send “the wobble line dance” RYouTube – L-Jet, Instructors Ball – “The Wobble” Line dance Oct 17, 2010 … TheNowPower says: I liked a YouTube video — L-Jet, Instructors Ball – “The Wobble” Line dance New linedance called the Wobble-Wobble | FoxyNC – Foxy Hits Oct 2, 2010 … Now that you’ve heard the song now you can learn and not look like a fool at the club. vic wobble

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This is the version we do here in San Antonio. Dance created by ??? Song: Teach Me How To Wobble – Cupid To order my Instructional DVDs : freewebstore.org/stephslinedancing COME TO A LINE DANCE CLASS HERE IN SAN ANTONIO: every Sunday at The Eastside Boys and Girls Club 6-730pm every Wednesday at Midtown Cocktails 6-730pm every Thursday @ Daiquiry Lounge in Converse TX from 6-730pm every Friday @ Sam Houston High School 4-630 pm (mall area) DISCLAIMER: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED, I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC NOR DID I CREATE THIS DANCE THE MUSIC AND DANCES ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES.

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I’m so glad Marquita & Jerry chose me as there photographer for there wedding. They could have sold tickets for that wedding cause it was a blast. I think everyone including my self will agree that they are meant for each other.

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