Step / Line Dance – “Michael Jackson Shuffle”

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cassieanedra says:

I love it. The lady with the cane got them moves,…….

benitomontoya77 says:

They Don’t Care About Us (Charles’ Full Joint Mix) this is the song !

adorable50fun says:

i love the older lady she is an inspiration to older generation Thank you keep her in all your videos you go girl  great work love the dance she is so cool with the cane

synwaun2 says:


butternuttt says:

big lady in white hat getting it in lol

rayelee93 says:

Why does she have a cane its not needed get them girl

koolgothboy says:

she doesnt need that cane

Grace4Kogi says:

Now when I go back to my husband’s job banquet, I can do this dance. Thanks!

ClockworkRockStar says:

That lady with the cane is doing it like a don lol

Nikkita Green says:

Lol iLearned this in school today!! iBeen doinq it since iGot home!!!
iReally love the lady with the cane! You wouldnt think she needed it!

ZumbaDivaDee says:

Can’t find this version where can I purchase it?

Zendaya Bennett says:

Grandma is the best dancer out of all

soothingseas01 says:

Gotta love the lady with the cane. Bless her heart. If she can do it, we can do it, right?

yaris5150 says:

Haha, I learned this in school!

jayden foster says:

i love to do this dance cant stop

wonderbread152 says:

I love this, you go momma with the cane

Arada Chindarat says:

ooh i like granny !!! on the right


poker face ._.

mermer202 says:

its “they dont really care about us” by michael Jackson

abrandi001 says:

I’ve seen this line dance b4…A Loooong time ago…Idk what it was called back then though..

1harmic says:

Yall was jammin I like this and this my first time hearing mj song that way and I love it! I’m gonna do my best to learn this. Good job!

Tania Barragan says:

What’s the name of this song???

CiErRa8725 says:

@LokoJon619 That Was Uncalled For. Their Just Having Fun

MickieJay says:


She gettin’ it though, cane and all!! Lol

xElectroSouLx says:

Ya , anybody know where can I download this ??

shay02 says:

she need that cane tho….no

vwebb2010 says:

Anybody know where to download this?

jozzieroby says:

i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE this dance! & lady w/the cane you better go head!!!

gobbaworrell says:

love it girls but the cane u just took away our excuses lol

bcwade0154 says:

can you get at itunes?

Ashley Price says:

i wish had one of those shirts. :(

PunkinGirl12 says:

if an old lady with a can can do this dance i know you people that wanna learn this dance can do it !!!

NunuMarie3000 says:

Dang, if the Lady with the cane can do it, then it gives me the hope that i can!!!! :) lol

3pookie101 says:

You Young Ladies Can Dance

Destiny1053 says:

Y’all are amazing my grandma fell in luv with the dance and is trying to learn how to do it y’all were getting it

ddtaurus22 says:

love grandma with the cane. she is gettin it!

dragonballzangelz says:

it is They Don’t Care About us thaa full charles remix

bcwade0154 says:

Can anyone tell me the version of this song? Love the little dance and the version of this song I have isn’t the same as this one in this video.

x0xqueendivax0x says:

love to see my black people gettin down!!!!!! love love LOVE this video!

astate123 says:

nice, check out ghetto hoki poki new line dance, hope you like

cratlady03 says:

Exactly…the lady with the cane is steppin better than some of the others

mzzandrews11 says:

lady wit da cam kill n da shyt ,,,move betta den me an dem

MrTaVonD says:

why does she have a cane she doing better than everybody there lol

littlebirdmjfan says:

“They Don’t Care About Us” by Michael Jackson :)

Jazzy20Phae says:

Whats the name of this song?

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