Line Dancing For Dummies – Turbo Hustle Lesson

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In response to a viewers request, this segment of Line Dancing For Dummies features DJ Maestro’s TURBO HUSTLE, instructed by Dawud Alkhatib, founder of Plati…


WenD1908 says:

I wish I’d found this sooner. Great vid:)

Rebecca Bray says:

Love this!

Mrcocoman82 says:

Saw this live at a wedding!! Off the chain!!!!! Now I’m a pro… what Turbo
Hustle, let’s do dis.

Jane Doe says:

Finally I got this one need to practice more but I got it!!!!!!! That’s a
work out

jennieje817 says:


Jenelle Williams says:

I love this!! never seen or heard of it b4. would love to teach. can u
share music..

Cheryl Yuille says:

I love this dance cause i’m so good at it!!!

Diamond Ingram says:

the girl in the light blue had me roooolliiinnggg!! lmaoo

Staci Cherry says:

Hello, highmaintence23. I’m glad that you caught on to the dance. Have you
tried Go Hard or Go Home? Now THAT’S a workout. We have Line Dancing for
Dummies instructions on that too. Thanks for watching the videos.

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