Kenny J R&B Line Dance – Go Hard or Go Home

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Seventh Anniversary Performance Show R&B Line Dance performed by Kenny J and Sophisticated Funk. The Atrium dance studio is located in Pennsauken, NJ, minutes from Philadelphia and teaches a wide range of dance styles from Argentine Tango to West Coast Swing. Basic and Intermediate R&B Line Dance classes are held on Mondays and Tuesdays, so it’s easy to get started. See for details.

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PoetikJai says:


Carlos Chavarin Jr. says:

Thank you for putting me in a good mood.

Dakotah Jennings says:

lol that’s exactly what brought me here.

FreshAirlines1 says:


Aliguar says:

Watching this made me feel so happy! You guys are great! xxx

RitsMcFly says:

Amazing! Dancing is a beautiful thing <3

kaypbirdie2 says:

I enjoyed this! I’d love to learn this dance.

msnatural1000 says:

To the lady on the left…next time you might want to wear a bra! Geez! :-/

djsaya1 says:

what song is this?

Tiffanijack says:

Go ahead yall!!!

SnappingTurtle801 says:

yes, she does. She’s not all flashy like the others, but she’s keeping up with the steps.

tippreeves says:

Okay!!! Y’all tearing this thing ya up!!!

janiskilpatrick1 says:

Love this!! You guys are GREAT!!!

jimmysaysrelax says:

white girl at the right end doesnt know what shes doing

beq343 says:

Jersey stand UP! go head y’all

Fightagainstheright says:

It’s cause she’s white.

MegaPrincetonwifey says:


MegaPrincetonwifey says:

he has moobs

tiesha7291 says:

The girl on the far right is soooo lost.

funisinhurting says:

The girl on far left should really were a bra…

bigrelltrrleverette says:

he doing to much

TheDomitrix says:

The thing is, black and hispanic cultures usually involve a lot of dancing in their childhoods. Like parties and get togethers, usually have music and the young ones are expected to dance to or learn.

I believe that is why we have rhythm. But to be honest, I think that if the general white population was raised the same way, they would have just as much rhythm , and dance.

This is coming from a Latino.. so.. Just sayin.

textbookkid says:

Just fine- Mary J. Blige

textbookkid says:

Hell I’m black and this is one line dance I’m not sure I can do

erwinio007 says:

Damn. Line Dancing to the extreme XD haha gud job :)

balovesting says:

wow! you really catch my attention guys!! whats the title of the music their dancing by the way? nice one.

TheFortyarroyo says:

who is the choreographer?

astate123 says:

nice, check out ghetto hoki poki new line dance, hope you like

hotfelipehot says:

A show of swing and sensuality!
what is the name of this wonderful music? I need this sound!

Solja2010 says:

eventhough they are ugly the dance is wicked!

GilrF says:

this looks so much fun. well danced

IamMusic247 says:

i could see my mom and aunt doing this lol nice job =) love it

lindahholloway says:

Thu 031011 This is worth reviewing & repeating, nobody does it like Kenny J, Connie, Jeanett & the rest of IAKJP! This is 1 of my top all time favorites!

PatsBooks says:

He is incorporating all these old dances in this routine. I like.

Lovedrunk73 says:

Damn!  Black people Got Skillz! :)

latrice012267 says:

Damn just when I got the Cupid Shuffle…this is not fair.

caseyisms says:

I must be the only black person thats not that coordinated i knock into shit too much but that looks so much fun rofl

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