Cupid’s 2by4 (2×4) Line Dance w Instructions-In Class SUPER EASY

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The Line Dance Queen bring you another brand new line dance done with her Lake Jackson class near Houston, Texas. This is a new line dance from Cupid and “Oa…


Cheryl Williams says:

Cupid’s 2×4 Line Dance The Line Dance Queen & The Royal Court See The Line
Dance Queen and The Royal Court make this easy dance our own. Click link.

Stacee Lea A says:

Thanks for sharing!

myra myles says:

Thanks Cheryl, teaching this in line dance class Tuesday.

Cheryl Williams says:

Here is the BRAND new line dance that everyone has been talking about by
The Dance Party King, Cupid. Its so easy, I taught my class in less than 2
mins. Basic level that anyone can do. Check out 2×4. Watch until the end
for a quick walk through of the dance.~The Line Dance Queen

janet holmes says:

The instructor is so cool..She nailed it

Rose McAdams says:

Love this dance

Ingrid Spencer says:
Justice Johnson says:


Carolyn D. Coleman says:

Cupid’s 2by4 (2×4) Line Dance w Instructions-In C…:

Crystal Smith says:


Shay Green says:

Brand new dance. Everyone is doing it! Too easy to NOT try this one.

Chef Jay says:


domebaby2times says:

line dancing sucks this is just like the last line dance bored 

Austin Cox says:

It’s not a new dance. He did another electric slide remake.

DiDi Walters says:

GET IT IN guys!!! Fun dance. Go LDQ!!!

Barbara Rather says:
Diane Bailey says:

got to learn it….I got it, it’s fun!!

Lester Jeffries says:

This ain’t nun but the electric slide this shuts 

Evelyn Taplett says:

Go Cheryl!! Great instructions as usual!

Joey Jones says:

She was getting it!!

Ivana Harris says:

My Girl!!! Get it LDQ!

domebaby2times says:

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