CUMBIA SEMANA LINE DANCE (Original Video with Choreographer Ira Weisburd)

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Nora Bernier says:

très intéressant, j’aime beaucoup

Ira Weisburd says:

Congratulations Ira, And count two more; Anke Baeten taught the Cumbia
Semana on a Israeli dance day in Roeselare (Belgium, video will be
uploaded) some time ago and yesterday, Dimitri Verstreken taught the dance
on a beginners workshop near Brussels (unfortunately no video was taken).
Both are young dynamic dancers, starting to make their way in the folkdance
scene of Belgium. All the best!!! Rik Knaepen Brussels, BELGIUM

tunhalimah says:


Ira Weisburd says:

Hi Ira, This is Leslie Thompson and I want you to know that the dance team
that I am on, *Local Motion* directed by Debra Cleckler in GA dance your
*Cumbia Semana* dance in our routines : ) Thanks for such a cute, fun dance
and again, thank you so much for the *Singing in the Rain* step sheet and
song – CONGRATS to you!!! Leslie

Ira Weisburd says:

Dear Ira, Congratulations of your successful work Cumbia Semana. I finally
got the music from Camp Hess Kramer last weekend. I am going to introduce
it to my Chinese/Taiwanese fellows in Cerritos Folk Dancers this evening.
Wen Li-Chiang Duarte, CALIFORNIA

theresamiles1 says:

What do the words mean in English?? Anyone know?

Ira Weisburd says:

Hi Ira, Greetings and congratulations from Hamilton, Ontario. Your dance
Cumbia Semana was taught twice at a Line Dance Jamboree in Toronto in
November! Once just wasn’t enough. Happy Holidays, Lynn and her Canadian
Line Dancers.

Ira Weisburd says:

Thank you, Ira. My students love your dances. They dance “Seduced” and
“Cumbia Semana” very well and just love the music too. I’ll soon be
reviewing “Carioca” which we love to do. I also love “Cumbia Sabrosa” and I
use the “Seguidilla” step instead of the”rocking chair.” As my name is
really Esperanza and I was born and raised in Panama, I have danced the
Cumbia since I can remember during “El Carnaval.” Thanks again, Espi

lennidlyn says:

Dear Ira…. we love to dance cumbia semana,the big problem we cannot find
the music, us. you’re fan…AIRIS LOPEZ MALAYSIA

GriseldeHeineken says:

Tambores y cumbia . No hay cumbia sin tambores , bores . Que sabrosura !

Ira Weisburd says:

Hello Ira, We have been dancing Cumbia Semana since you first sent it to me
and for that I am so thankful.. we love it!! Thank you now for sending this
new one and the music for it.. you certainly make it very easy for me to
teach your dances lolol I have all I need… just watched the video of
SEDUCED and will be teaching this one very soon.. thanksssssss and good
luck with another good one.. Sharlene

Ira Weisburd says:

Have to tell you that I am simply IN LOVE with Cumbia Semana… music,
dance the whole sabang…… love it.. Susan ISRAEL

Ira Weisburd says:

Hello, I love your dance & know the classes in Monterey will love it.
Please keep up the excellent work & contribution to the global line dance
community. Terry Yep Monterey Calif

Ira Weisburd says:

Dear Ira I am not that fond of line dancing (dancing or teaching it) but
your choreographies are a pleasure to watch and teach. So I have
incorporated your Cumbia Semana in my classes – it has proved to be an
absolute favourite with just about everyone. All the best Tina James SOUTH

Ira Weisburd says:

Aloha Ira, My name is Mona L. Dabis. I am from Honolulu, Hawaii. I’ve been
teaching linedance for almost 10 years now. I taught my classes Cumbia
Semana, and they love it! Thank you! I teach 4 days out of the week.
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. I have a beginners, and
beginners/intermediate class. This dance is good for my beginners class.
Thank you again Ira. With warm aloha, Mona Dabis Honolulu, HAWAII

Ira Weisburd says:

Hi Ira: Decided to hit while the iron was hot -so I taught you dance to my
class this morning and they really enjoyed it. Thanks for everything. Speak
with you soon. Cheers Irene Groundwater

hann21921 says:


Benjamin Flores says:

Very nice dance and well teach.. We are trying to learn it, but I can not
find anywhere to download the music… Can you please let me know where can
I find this music.. And if not too much to ask ,can you send me the music
thru my E-mail ( I’m willing to pay the bill… Keep
on sharing your talent.. Thank You so much Mariann n Bennie

Linedancer Man says:


unkulfuka says:

@Classicrockbw Fito Olivares – Fin de Semana

Ira Weisburd says:

Hi Ira….love your dance……..going to teach it this Tuesday……
Thanks … Great Job Gail Smart

Ira Weisburd says:

Hi Ira, Just wanted you to know that Cumbia Semana was a hit in Vegas last
weekend. The class was full and when Bev Carpenter asked how many knew it
only 3 or 4 raised their hands. Two were ours. lol Seduced was also played
on the open dancing. Not sure it was taught. Keep those great dancing
coming…… Ruth

Ira Weisburd says:

Hi Ira– Well, Cumbia Semana has done well here in the SF Bay area and now
people are asking us about Seduced. I’d like to start teaching it this
Friday if I get everything in time. Congratulations–seems like you have
another hit on your hands. Or feet! Best regards, Ruth Baratta San

Ira Weisburd says:

Kia Ora Ira I would very much like to use your dance Cumbia Semana in our
Israeli dance sessions. We learnt your dance Sonata, a few years back from
one of Matti Goldschmidt’s students and enjoyed it very much. kind regards
Cherie McDonald Nelson Bays Israeli Dancers Machol Pacifica National Dance
Camp Hosts 2010 NEW ZEALAND

Ira Weisburd says:

Hi Ira! We all thank you for such a fun dance. I’m teaching it this Friday
at a workshop!!! My classes really luv it!!! Thanks again!!! Dancin’ Terry

dragonlady1253 says:

this is a very nice dance. unfortunately like the other person said, it is
very hard to find the music. i checked at itunes & amazaon the music is not
available. is there any other music i can purchase that is comparable to
this beat. thank you for sharing.

Ira Weisburd says:

Ira, I’m teaching Cumbia Semana in Hong Kong next week… Jo Thompson

Ira Weisburd says:

Hi Sandy, What a lovely thing to read this morning. I am so happy to hear
that your folk dance classes are enjoying my dances. Please give my warmest
regards to all. Keep on dancing !! Ira

clliow says:

I would be glad if you have this “rock around the clock” line dance. We
love watching the way you dance in such a relaxing and jovial mood.

Ira Weisburd says:

Hi Ira, Just got home 2 hours ago. I have had a great vacation in Taiwan
and Hong Kong. I taught your dance “Cumbia Semana” in Taipei and was very
well received. I believe you have already seen the video. Thanks for the
compliments. I have read the nice comments in Taipei. Our “Cumbia Semana”
video has had over 10,200 hits so far. Isn’t that great?! Take care and
will chat with you soon. Your fan and friend, Juliet Lam Richardson, TEXAS

Ira Weisburd says:

Hi Ira, Just back from my class, taught Linda Eh and it went down a storm,
they loved it and we danced it three times, dedicated to Linda, one of my
favourite line dancers here, its going to be biggie here I think ! I was
also pleased to hear that last Sunday there was a large charity social at
The British Airways Concorde Club near Heathrow, over 200 people there and
they danced Cumbia Semana ! cheers now Gocountrystu London, ENGLAND

Ira Weisburd says:

Hi Ira, I am the music teacher from Colorado who taught Cumbia Semana to my
5th and 6th graders. We all loved it! Bonnie Graham COLORADO

pepe medina says:


Ira Weisburd says:

Hi Ira, I just returned from Kona Hawaii and I added Cumbia Semana to my
teaches for them. (They loved it)!. Yvonne Johnson Saramento CA

Ira Weisburd says:

Ira, I learned “Cumbia Semana” from Joanne Brady yesterday and I’d love to
teach it to my class. Keep dancing, Gloria Stone

pepe medina says:

@MsMozette the autor name is Fito Olivares From Mexico.

Grinnie1041 says:

Hi Ira, I really like this dance. I hadn’t seen it before.

Tita Kolonis says:

Ira, Love this dance. taught it to my class on Monday night here in
Melbourne Australia. they can’t get enough of it. Love it , Love it. great

paco robano says:

i see Betty white dancing

Ira Weisburd says:

howdy cumbia semana is still my dancers must dance each class they usually
change dances like we change our socks thanks Nicholas J P Wanko, Sr aka
tony bootscooter

Ira Weisburd says:

Taught it in both beginning and intermediate classes. We’re also gong to
use it at the Texas State Jamboree this next week, Thanks, Suzanne Phillips

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