Country Swing Dancing – Aerials, Lifts, Dips, Flips, Moves, Tricks.

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Amy Jarvis says:

I can’t watch it!! I love this video and y’all blocked it in my country!!!

ahmed hashmi says:

Which song is this?

Karolina Tycza says:

what is it for song?

Kim Ali says:

You are amazing!! Thank You!!! <3 :D

Eunises Somerhalder says:

if people actually danced like this at school dances I would go for once
haha if only looks AMAZING and FUN

velvetpaws999 says:

Really good dancing, but the music does not jive with the moves…. it
looks as if they danced to something else and pasted this song over it

angel sarmiento says:

its helpful!
thanks for the tricks! i can use tHis someday

britbailey3 says:

Wow that’s amazing :) Where did he learn to dance like that?

alcro1312 says:

@MakensieN The trick is to spot!! :) pick one spot to focus on and don’t
take your eyes off it when you spin. – Alina

cyHEARTSwv says:

Good jobb. Got dizzy watching this.

Donny Robbins says:

@alcro1312 you’ll notice Alina never takes her eyes off my guns the whole
time we are dancing… that is good spotting 😉 hahaha

alonghaircountryboy says:

Swing dancing is so cool. I just get such a kick out of dipping a girl and
spinning her around. I don’t get it but it’s awesome

Donny Robbins says:

Thanks!! keep on dancing it is a blast :)

Austin Finch says:

Holy shit, that was amazing

Briana Smith says:

They are literally gliding across the floor

Pat Burton says:

Wow, just discovered you Donny & your lovely partner (don’t see her name
mentioned). I haven’t danced for almost 4yrs. now from an injury & being
laid off, sure miss it more than ever watching you two dance. WHERE do you
film your dancing or club dancing from? I taught my daughter (in pic with
hat) to dance, she’s 40 this month. LOVE your moves on the floor, GREAT
personality, and good lookin’, too. Take care, ~Patsy Lee

joannamcclees says:

What a turn on

MakensieN says:

How does she not get dizzy? Lol ya’ll are amazing!

Amie B says:

@donrobbins357 ahahh HEY! THIS IS ALINA! LIES :)

Ginger EMT says:

Serious question. How do you avoid getting hit in the face with her hair? I
haven’t figured out how to accomplish this feat–poor dance partners.

iceman69686 says:

donny i was gonna write you and suggest this song!! wow! lol incredible
video as always. need more action videos from the club, like the one with
you and shannon

Cody Farmer says:

havent been dancing in a year or so, going tonight & needed to remember how
to brush up on old moves. This is perfect! thanks a lot

Ryan Walton says:

I absolutely love dancing. Me and this girl only just started like two
weeks ago but I feel like we are doing pretty good and I have learned a lot
from watching these videos.

Donny Robbins says:

Great glad you guys could pick up some new moves that why we post the
videos :)

Beth Pederson says:

My boyfriend runs a swing club at our school. I showed him this video and
he showed the whole club. He perfected some of the moves just by watching
them. This is amazing

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