Country Girl, Shake It ~ Line dance

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32-Count, 4-Wall Beginning Line Dance; Music ~ Country Girl by Luke Bryan; Choreography by Nicky Jackson; filmed on location @ Kimmies Tavern, Clovis, CA

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shay4111 says:

I really want to learn how to do this! Please make and instructional video!!

beautychic375 says:

U said u would do one 10 MONTHS ago!!!! Please hurry! I have a dance coming up Wednesday and I want to learn this!!!!!!!!!

beautychic375 says:

Do an instructional video!! I want to learn how to do this!!!!!!!!!

dhunsaker26 says:

the one in the green shirt is great

No1HomerMom says:

This is good your voice is cute lol

BroncoBarbie14 says:

Pleaseeee post an instructional video!!!!!!!

0Att0 says:

The one in the white in the middle is hot

trillababy23 says:

sense when are 14 year olds aloud in bars?

trillababy23 says:

they let 14 year olds in barns now?!?!

hunt7equine says:

very easy. love it! doin it tonight when i go out line dancin!

shutupanddance01 says:

@ SheLoves & muscismylyfe ~ we have been super busy lately, but will be doing an instructional video very soon!!!

@ countrydejay ~ the video does start at the beginning of the dance. The 1st & 3rd 8-counts are basically the same. The only difference is on the 1st count of 8, where you have the hip roll option instead of the stomp & hold in the 3rd. I hope that helps :o)

countrydejay says:

Real good video but can you tell me why the paperwork doesn’t match the video.The Beginning part of the dance where the video starts is the second section of the paperwork.Just interesting to know.

SheLovesToDace says:

Really want to learn this dance. Instructional video??

muscismylyfe says:

diddo…i wanna learn it

Enia1970 says:

I love this song and the steps are so good… Is there a stepsheet for this???

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