Country Dancing, 2 Step, Turns, Spins, Dips, Chainsaw, Tabletop, Fire Hydrant, Neck Dips, etc.

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travswartz says:

+HitachiEdits For Sure!!!
When I get some free time I will post some instructional videos on the
moves in this video… Might be awhile, but I will try my best to do it in
a timely manner. 

Marilyn Noriega says:

Y’all look great! My only advice would be to relax! You seem really
concentrated on the steps and you look a little tense. My man and I get
tons of compliments when we dance and I think it as a lot to do with the
fact that we are always smiling and laughing! Keep it up!

Lindsey Ford says:

This was great, you look like a natural! I hate when guys get too flashy
when they dance lol Love to see more tricks and dips as you learn them! 

lindyhop411 says:

The dance you’re actually doing is “New York Hustle”, a partner dance form
the 1970s that was danced to disco music.

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