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Chuck Baby Line Dance – INSTRUCTIONS

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This is the version we do here in San Antonio. Dance created by Sharon ?? Song: Chuck Baby – Chuck Brown To order my Instructional DVDs : facebook page: COME TO A LINE DANCE CLASS HERE IN SAN ANTONIO: Steph’s Line Dance Studio 117 E Wright Universal City, TX 78148 DISCLAIMER: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED, I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC NOR DID I CREATE THIS DANCE THE MUSIC AND DANCES ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES.

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DBoyJuan says:

come to detroit and teach this lol

mzqtpie73 says:

My fav!!!!

Jamaica Leesa says:

Hi, do u know of any line dancing classes in Baltimore?

Vendie Borden says:

I love ALL of your line dances

Seve Oba Adigun says:

BIG LUV 2 YA STEPH!!!!! Great to practice to! Much Luv from the “A”!

StephsLineDancing says:

i do all the cutting on our shirts

StephsLineDancing says:

u can purchase my dvd’s at freewebstore. org / stephslinedancing

StephsLineDancing says:

u can purchase my dvd’s at  freewebstore. org / stephslinedancing

ColorMeKai says:

How can i go about purchasing all the slide’s?

Mz.China BlaccDiamondDivaz says:

I wish you would make a video and sell it so i can get it, I have a social club and we learn our line dances by you and we need them on a Big TV to really see it
We Love you! Blacc Diamond Divaz SC Of Greenville NC

soljah96707 says:

I just wanted to stop by to say Mahalo (thank you) from Hawaii. I conduct a cardio class and I make it a point to warm-up with a linedance to start off the class. Being in Hawai’i………..I haven’t heard much about the Chuck baby……….until I stumbled upon your videos. I learned it and now able to share it with everyone. Thanks to you and your class. Keep it going! Aloha from the islands!!!

StephsLineDancing says:

gray.stephy … yahoo

5mytoy says:

I just love you, I need to order your DVD’s. lol Keep up the good work! Do you have a e-mail add?

rendale robinson says:

it took me a while but i think i finally got the dance moves

Laurean Johnson says:


ladybyrd1989 says:

Ok I got it finally! U made it easy for me!!! Thanks:-)

StephsLineDancing says:

thank you!!

january0126 says:

I watch a lot of your videos. You are a real good instructor , wish I lived near you I would love to be in your class , the ladies look like they were having a ball. Keep up the GREAT. Work. I’m keep watching.

ranmad50 says:

If you ever do that line dance from stepping out tonight, I want to be first inline to purchase you DVD. Awesome instructor

StephsLineDancing says:

yes i do… please see the description for the web address to purchase them

bell porter says:

Awesome!! Do you sell DVD’s

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