Caballero (A Spanish Gentleman) -Line Dance (Demo & Teach)

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64 count, 4 wall, Intermediate Level Line Dance. Choreographed by Ira Weisburd ( (Published: June, 2011) Music: “CABALLERO”; Orchestra Mario Riccardi; Album: LA BARCA; Year: 2010 Introduction: 32 counts. Starts approx. 20 sec. into the song. BEGIN with LEFT FOOT. NO TAGS !! ONE EASY RESTART (3rd time through dance AFTER the first 32 Counts); RESTART (Facing 12:00) Danced by: Juliet Lam & her Beginner Class students. Videographer / Editor : Walt & Fang-Li Hsu.

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MrDanceCanada says:

Love your teaching in this video. Would you like to try with your dancers one of our new line dances: shag or arg. tango? Please see our channel for routine video’s.

2011JulietTeaching says:

Thank you for your compliment.
We love this dance very much too.
Happy dancing always!

2000Poirier says:

Sooooooooo beautiful…
Cannot get enough of it. Just want to dance all the time and never stop..
Your dancers are like angels on the dance floor.

dinyvdv2 says:

leuke dans

2011JulietTeaching says:

I attended the Vegas Dance Explosion Workshop in 2011.
It was fun at the event, meeting many well-known choreographers and
learning dances from them in person….

marieliu988 says:

Does your team paticipate Vegas Dance Explosion before? Have you been any line dancer’s forum(or conference) event? Any suggestion?

Adrian Helliker says:

your the best juliet lam see you are the best brilliant job to,
keep up the good best work your the very best dancer and your dancers to,
Best wishes
Adrian from france

2011JulietTeaching says:

Thank you for the compliment!

2000Poirier says:

Beautiful music and choreography…Sooooooo much FUN dancing to it.
Beautiful video!

tento2feet says:

Muy Bien, Juliet lovely dance.

2011JulietTeaching says:

Thank you. Glad you like it!

emjds says:

I love it.. Very nice…

Jovadu48 says:

This is the best performance of the dance Caballero. Beautifully danced, with style and sense of rhythm. We learned the dance a few weeks back and was full of praise received.

2011JulietTeaching says:

Thank you for the compliment. It’s indeed a lovely dance with beautiful song!
Best wishes…………Juliet

tututhio says:

Lovely dance, beautiful performance and clearly teaching.
Thank you very much.

2011JulietTeaching says:

Thanks! Appreciate your kind words.

Normade2008 says:

your video’s are very profesional, very nice to see

2011JulietTeaching says:

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

finallykickinback says:

Outstanding instruction. Thank you.

2011JulietTeaching says:

Hi Irene,
Many thanks for your support and encouragement! Let’s enjoy the pleasure of dancing!
Best wishes……………Juliet

irene2009gp says:

Many thank all yr dances are wonderful & teaching are very clear, we love them all

2011JulietTeaching says:


jeanne indra says:

Very nice.

2011JulietTeaching says:

Thanks. Yes, it’s a nice dance.

2011JulietTeaching says:

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Happy dancing!

2011JulietTeaching says:

Thank you for watching. Yes, it’s a pretty dance!

Jovadu48 says:

What a beautiful dance and fine rhythm,  we will certainly know him dancing;

qormi1000 says:

You are the best teacher I have seen so far.

qormi1000 says:

Very nice dance. Thank you.

2011JulietTeaching says:

Hi Gabrielle,
Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Happy dancing!
Best wishes…………..Juliet

Gabrielle4265 says:

Hi Juliet,
What a lovely dance!!
As usual, it’s perfect!
Have a good day

Best wishes

2011JulietTeaching says:

Hi Ira,
Thank you for the compliment. It’s our pleasure filming this lovely dance. Looking forward to dancing the
“CABALLERO” with you and Diane in August!!!  Best of luck with your new dance!!! Juliet

iraweisburd says:

Thank you Juliet and Dancers for sharing this beautiful video of CABALLERO !! You all did a splendid job both demonstrating and breaking down the dance !! Walt and Fang also are amazing videographers !!! Can’t wait to dance the CABALLERO with all of you in August !!! See you then !!!

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