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tiny tim says:

them 3 ladies in front are gettin.. ig ur never to old to get it

Amy Lancaster-Edgerton says:

&1 more thing…lol… Its rather anyone of these pple to be my child’s ‘role model’ rather than your NEGATIVE ASS SELF;) smile sweety;) we love you!!

Amy Lancaster-Edgerton says:

What!!?? Reading comments…AND WOW! Some of these heads making comments really?? SMH! &OLD?& THE RACIST COMMENTS ARE SOOOO OLD N PLAYED OUT! If someone takes the time, to watch video, then sign in your raggedy acct. & make nasty comments, man…y’all just hatin’ & mad that you can’t dance like this at ANY AGE!! But that’s aight…cuz I’m sure Me& everyone in this video is STILL SMILING!!!;) & I’M WHITE & FROM NC & I LEARNED THIS DANCE FROM THESE LOVELY FOLKS!!

vidann1 says:

You are the one that needs to wake up! You really need to get a life (and probably a job) and just enjoy the fun. They are out together having fun, no fights, no drama just having fun. Try it you might like it!

Jeannine Estelle says:

THIS IS SO COOL!!! I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing! <3

mrsdiva1223 says:

BLACK ppl havin FUN dnt say shit when white ppl be on tv doin they hill billy line dance all its good then grow the fuck up and get a life

SuperMrunknown1 says:

I never knew this song had a dance to it…this would be a hit at my family’s parties

renata30221 says:

They had fun and that’s what it’s all about:-)

Sonia Riley says:

Is this a 50 and over club?

Miss Lady in the white is giggin’! DAMN….that’s someone’s grandmother!  I love it! ((LOL))

HuntmanC68 says:

Lol all the guys in the back

KILLINx2xWinx16 says:

Damn.. lady in white dnt give a care that she old she still got swagg and azz

ayianna casanova says:

the grandma got it down

Courtney Arnette says:


jblover4ever84 says:

1:47 LMBO this man ws gettin to i aint no that he was gonna be gettin it 2 lol but tht was funny when he started twerkin LMBO! dat girl was like what the Hell is he doin? !! lolz

Mitzi Trout says:

Tell you what – this white girl’s gonna be gettin it to this song before long!

bwoods245 says:

@ CreateStatic STFU and have a seat… your comment was truly ignorant as are you.

hrichards02 says:

Zumba! GET IT!

mackinzie michelle says:


mackinzie michelle says:

the lady in the pin khat getting it 00:9- through the whole thing

TheCynamun says:

U R an ass., peeps having fun.

JustinMic81 says:

YO….leave this shit to the sistas! Aint nobody gotta a booty like tha sistas! HA love this *ish!

sanchez22cs says:

The one in all white turn 17 again at 3:15 lol lol lmao!!!!

peeweefunky says:

The lady in white is the presidents wife from 24

JL0vely says:

LMAO you came to that conclusion from a 3 min and 40 second video of ppl having fun dancing? Get out of the house and get a life….

JL0vely says:

she slayed @ 2:50 with that turn!
yasss hunty!

Duchess357 says:

I love it!!! You guys look like you’re having a blas!!

Judy R. says:

i just have to comment about one of the people on here who gave a truly interesting comment about the dancing…she or he, seems to have a problem with it…i dont…it is just grown people having fun, dancing there butts off,,,and enjoying themselves…dont know what the problem is with one of the people who made the comment below…but enjoy yourself, have fun…would you have said the same thing if it were young people? this isnt about sex, it is about the dance.. i say, have fun, and enjoy

Hannah Arrington says:

And there is not 1 white chick there…..*shakes head*

CreateStatic says:

Black ppl need to wake up…..Leave it to grown ass black folk to create a new song that gives them a reason to shake more tits and ass..Dont u have bills? Get a fkn job… WTF…Is every damn thing you do about sex? Great role models for your kids. Im sure they’ll (AS USUAL) grow up just like your ignorant ass!!!

Dez Ray says:

to the woman in all white….YOU GO GIRL!!!

MrGemneye67 says:

i know 2 of the girls in this vid

kute kk baby says:

they were to funny

Ilovebunchies24 says:

Omg tht guy in the red shirt hahahahaha

ElmoMaine says:

Look at Mama Jones in the all white gettin it lol

TheCoLoRz2010 says:


Carloscda40 says:

What’s this line dance song that speed up then slows down?

Savannah Brown says:

she too happy!! Lol

crit1227 says:

lmao right like sattdown gorl lmao

Savannah Brown says:

Lmbo! Too funny

cbnboy34 says:

she caught the early bird special!

cbnboy34 says:

its that Hennessy! lmao

Savannah Brown says:

Lmbo! Ok I’ll leave her alone

Charm Naylor says:

LOL! Y’all leave her alone. This her jam and she havin fun. Gotta show these youngins how to do it…. LOL!

Savannah Brown says:

Yessss omg! Like sit down lol

MsSexyDiva4Lyfe says:

She doing the most lol

dominique lawrence says:

yall cant dance

scorpio27ish says:

I love the fact that they have unity but it seems like every month they make up another slide lol but I think this slide is for the kids “Booty Work”??? REALLY?? I mean can you imagine going to a club 35 and up and they are dancing to a song like this

sweetthighs76 says:

That would be fun to join ya’ll!! The on in white is good!!!

acraftyperson says:

1:47 LOL the guy in the red shirt comes creepin up on the girl

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