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Charity party to raise funds for a fellow line dancer suffering from cancer. A sum of RM11,000.00 was collected for her medical treatment.Get well soon. DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended. This video is for educational or entertainment purposes only. All rights to the song in the video should go to the recording company and singer.

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04bhaubs says:

A good video and a good thing to do for the person who had cancer

hotroddy97 says:

i love billie ray cyrus and the achy breaky heart dance:0

kuniva101 says:

i use to do line dancing as a kid. damn i was 1 fruity boy

biggestkkfan says:

This is cute lol

BigBill1501 says:

South park kicks ass!

nturner319 says:

omg this iss awesome!!!

nick17ization says:

easy and im only 18 lmao

deadtosininChrist says:

If the person knew Jesus,dont be concerned, that person is better off than u & i. God Bless

lulupup92405 says:

this is really good!!!!

Giovanni Vollono says:

this dance is wanderful j am from naples italy place the woman who dance with red schirt is wanderfull can j know the name or the face book j will know her
my e-mail is

fcl1 says:

must be a beginner version of the original dance

twinturbo199 says:

Dont like that song at all , get a bunch of people line dancing to it and its ace

WingedLadyOfAvalon says:

my friend’s grandma had breast cancer, twice, since went into remission the first time, but had died in the end from it, then lost her mom a few yrs later also to cancer, though i can’t remember what kind. i had lost my own grandpa to spinal cancer years ago.

nickbuttle says:

loved this vid. some ppl need to show some decency and reading all these comments good and bad is quite moving. never great to loose someone who had cancer as i lost a geandmother to cancer and R.I.P both grandmother and to the lady who lost her battle to cancer….R.I.P to all ppl whom has died to the result of cancer

DANIIL854 says:

this song is cool.isn’t it 

Job Daniel Salgado Orozco says:

i rather the spanish version of this song

Thrive7 says:

Yes! Definitely Kababayan dancing to this song.

Bopbidar says:

Please please please. You have got to listen to Richard Green – Running through New York . Breast cancer charity song.

Jochiiiii says:

I hope things like this get popular again!!

7bodyguard says:

the old version of this dance is much more funn

sweetsteph3 says:

Spanish one is wayy better.

gastonb1604 says:

dont tell my heart ♪

CurlyHairChris says:

With just a few exceptions, I see that obesity is a problem world-wide. Shake it!

mysong1234 says:

this is really cool

rb2821079 says:

o i sry

rb2821079 says:

it is fun and country music rocks

boo8ball says:

love it.. i love the lady in red!

dancing123lover143 says:


dancing123lover143 says:

philiphines i think!

Leoboomen says:

In Malaysia.

aviccisami says:

was this taken in the philippines? just curious…

lorelei120968 says:

GREAT IDEEA !!!!!!! Nice dancer and super cool song !!!! BRAVOOOOO!!!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!

ellebarbie00 says:

i rofl at that!!!!

frankadank says:

whats the name of the song that follows this song its like really fast.

flyingfishlu says:


juneclaypool says:

LOL look at that woman in front w/ highwater pants and bright white socks getting down w/ the achey brakey

RobotHamINC says:

we do too

gralkses says:


Quraisha Quah says:

malaysia? lol.

bebebeanz95 says:

1st of all it was a charity.

2nd they were raising money to help someone with cancer.

3d its a great idea

4th your a fuckin idoit

and1281 says:

I need to do a report on this i aggree.

3ifyohoh says:

boring boooooooooooooooooooooo stupid

SkaRocksYea says:

Oh wow, so very sorry to hear that. Well she’s in heaven now, no more suffering.

Leoboomen says:

Thanks for enquiring. Unfortunately, she passed away last year. May God bless her.

SkaRocksYea says:

I hate country music but that looks fun. How is the person who had cancer? Better I hope.

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