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Danse enseignée lors du stage de Sausset les Pins le 11 Novembre 2011 – Association Mica Dance Country Chorégraphe : Daniel Hernandez Country line dance, 2 murs, 2 parties, 2 tags Musique : Fake ID – Big and Rich et Gretchen Wilson Chorégraphe : Daniel HERNANDEZ Séquences : AABA Tag 1 AABA Tag 2 BAAAA — PARTIE A I — WALK, WALK, ANCHOR, ROCK STEP, STEP ½, HOOK 1 — 2 Marche en avant du PD, marche en avant du PG 3 & 4 Rock D croisé derrière PG – revenir sur PG, PD derrière (prendre appui sur PD) 5 — 6 Rock PG derrière, revenir sur PD 7 — 8 Steph ½ tour du PG vers la droite, croché du PG croisé devant PD II — WALK, WALK, JUMP, JUMP, TOE TOUCH TURN, FULL TURN 1 — 2 Marche en avant du PD, marche en avant du PG &3&4 Petit saut PD puis PG vers l’extérieur, petit saut PD puis PG vers l’intérieur (appui PG) 5 – 6 Pointe PD derrière PG, pivoter un demi tour vers la D 7 & 8 Full turn en avant du PG, PG à côté du PD (largeur des hanches) III — SWIVEL TOUES, HEEL OUT, SWIVEL TOES, JUMP x 3, HEEL SWIVEL, HELL SWIVEL 1 & 2 Pivoter les 2 pointes vers l’extérieur, les deux talon puis à nouveau les 2 pointes 3 & 4 Faire un jump de face – un jump ¼ à G, un jump ¼ à G (largeur des hanches) 5 — 6 Talon D vers intérieur, ramène 7 — 8 Talon G vers intérieur, ramène (appui PG) IV — VINE HEEL, HANDS CLAP ON THE LEGS, CROSS, STEP, HEEL HEEL 1 — 2 Step PD à D, step PG croisé derrière PD, & 3 — 4 Step PD à D et talon G en diagonale G, claquement sur les cuisses & 5 – 6 Ramener PG à côté

B-Roll and running footage from GM’s 2012/2013 product line. INSTRUCTIONAL COUNTRY SWING & TWO STEP DVD’S ARE NOW AVAILABLE CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE CLICK THE LINK ABOVE!!! Country Swing Dance I…

Latin Dance Mega
1 Desbaratao 00:00
2 Nostalgia 4:50
3 El Baile Del Mono 9:29
4 La Colegiala 1:14
5 Lambada 1:18
6 Tic Tic Tac 21:59
7 Follow The Leader 25:59
8 Bomba 29:47
9 La Banana 33:07
10 Menehito 36:24
11 El Tiburon 40:36
12 La Duena Del Swing 44:44
13 Macarena 49:11
14 Vuelta 52:24
15 El Pam Pam 55:52
16 Comprese Un Perro 59:48
17 Morena Ven 1:03:29
18 Mira Como Vengo 1:08:14
19 Estoy A Gusto 1:12:13
20 Cigupita 1:16:11
21 La Charanga 1:20:40
22 Muevete 1:23:58
23Y Yo Sigo Aqui 1:28:10
24 A La Playa 1:32:17
25 Baila Baila Comigo 1:35:40 – YourDancefloorTV – (Re)Discover your Dance greatest hits – YourDancefloorTV is your channel for all the best Dance music. Find your favorite tracks and artists and experience the best of Dance music. Subscribe for free to stay connected to our channel and easily access our video updates! – YourDancefloorTV: INSTRUCTIONAL COUNTRY SWING & TWO STEP DVD’S ARE NOW AVAILABLE CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE CLICK THE LINK ABOVE!!! Country Swing Dance Instructional DVD’s are now AVAILABLE! There are 2 DVD’s the first is beginners intermediate Country Swing and the second is Advance Country Swing. They cover 2 step, country swing moves, lifts and aerials. Cost is $19.99 for one DVD or $34.99 for the set. Orders can be placed on our website. Check out our YouTube Channel for more clips! Visit our Facebook fan page!!! Click the link below. Follow us on twitter!!! @TrueCountryLivn Feel free to email us with any questions or just to say HI… We LOVE hearing from you! ☺ Thanks everyone for your support! Contact Don Robbins with questions about the TRUE COUNTRY Instructional Country Swing DVDs and T-Shirt orders at: Shannon Nichols

Watch the latest Step/Line Dance, the “Homey Twist”

2012.1.14 Chubu Central International Airport “Centrair” Dance Performance by HEART OF TEXAS Choreographed by David Vilellas “Lizard” Music: Working On A Tan by Brad Paisley

GLASGOW’S Kelvin Hall was a busy place this morning as 800 school kids from 32 local Glasgow schools attended the annual Scottish Country Dance Festival. Org…

A Dance Demo for Clean House choreographed by Henry Costa. A 32 count 2 wall adv/beg line dance. The Official Line Dance for Clean House from the CD: Gold by California Cowboys.
Please visit Mr Hopping Mad! Henry Costa’s Line Dance Page for more info and the step description You can also visit Henry’s Facebook page at mr hopping mad henry costa

Advanced phrased line dance Choreographed by: Rachael McEnaney Music: Feel This Moment – Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera.